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The WARF Accelerator Program provides expert advice and targeted funding to help inventors advance commercially promising technologies closer to the marketplace.

Accelerator support has helped inventors develop prototypes/demonstrations/field trials, assess markets, determine customer requirements, and identify collaborators and potential investors.


Greg Keenan
Accelerator Program Manager
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Lori Allen
Program Specialist Technology Commercialization Initiatives

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Partnership Opportunities

Our Corporate Partners can help move high-potential technologies closer to the market by contributing industry expertise as part of our Catalyst network, or by partnering on business development opportunities.

Expert Advice

Our team of seasoned business mentors, known as Catalysts, include executives of Fortune 500 companies, R&D directors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Targeted Funding

The WARF Accelerator Program provides direct funding to help technologies achieve developmental milestones.

Technology Updates
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For many suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids can seem bulky and uncomfortable. The interdisciplinary team of Robert Blick, Max Lagally (materials science) and Burke Richmond (surgery) envision a nanotech-based alternative – an invisible hearing aid placed directly on the ear’s tympanic membrane to improve hearing and sensing capabilities. The project is on target to build a nanomembrane prototype and demonstrate that it can excite sound waves on the eardrum. To complement their technical efforts, the trio has connected with the UW Business School to help refine their market strategy.


The market for plant-based burger and other meat substitutes continues to rise, but like meat, preserving an appetizing red/pink color is key to consumer demand. Mark Richards and Sofia Erazo-Castrejon (animal sciences) are examining strategies to stabilize the color and lipid oxidation of meat substitutes containing plant hemoglobin. They hope to keep these foods from turning brown so quickly under commercial storage conditions.

Quick Facts


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Tell Us About Your Projects

about how WARF’s Accelerator Program is working with researchers at UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research

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